Partial plan for upcoming week

Well, amidst all my move planning and (dis-)organization at home due to the move, I've got a fairly busy plan for Tuesday next week. First I'm heading out to NYC for the Free Keynote at VSLive!. This should be cool to see what's coming up (not that I need to since I'll see and be using the stuff within a few weeks anyway). My friend Digital Manfre and I are heading from Ronkonkoma Station in the morning. Later that day, I'm going to meet up with Tim, Dan, and Stephen Forte during the NYC .NET Developer's Group Meeting where Billy Hollis will be giving a special talk to our group. Afterwards we're planning to go to somewhere and grab a few drinks. If you're in town this should be a great meeting. I hope to bump into alot of you there. On a sad note, this will be my last NYC .NET Developer's Group Meeting that I attend for a while since I'm moving at the beginning of August. Hopefully I can come back in a few months to give a talk on something (like I did last February).

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