Great, just what we need…

Isn't this just great... I don't think we need any more of these people out there trying to crack passwords as this article talks about.

Comments (4)

  1. Aaron says:

    I think the article was hinting that perhaps Microsoft should strengthen its password-storage mechanism to match that of other professional-level operating systems…

  2. Agreed, but it also states that the researchers openly invite people to try their method out…

  3. Ingo Rammer says:

    Well, let’s not kill the messenger here – everyone can setup a 1.4 GB machine at home for nearly no cost right now.

    The article is right: password hashing without salts makes life way too easy for blackhats. And if issues like this are ignored for too long, then maybe the public availability of a service which cracks passwords in 14 seconds can *finally* raise awareness.


  4. Well, they are also just talking about NTLM and SAM; not native Windows 2000/Kerberos.

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