SVG’s Rock

After the SellsCon (aka Applied XML DevCon) for the past two days, I'm pretty much sold on SVGs. Don XML gave a talk on SVGs yesterday and today Christopher Dix is giving a talk on WSDL and SVG. I've found some nice resources out there about SVGs:

Generate SVGs on the Fly with SVG-GDI+ Bridge (thanks to DonXML)

Sharp Vector Graphics (SVG#) (also thanks to DonXML)

Microsoft Visio 2003 will have SVG import/export support


Some nice stuff related to SVG:

VDX to SVG (Visio XML to SVG)

An article by Peter A. Bromberg, Ph.D. on SVG


Good stuff. I'm impressed with the sheer amount of stuff that can be done with SVG. Definitely something to look at and keep an eye out for in the upcoming months.

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