2003 Salary Survey

I found this in the latest issue of Visual Studio Magazine. It's the 2003 Salary Survey. Pretty cool to see that C# is tops in the chart for salary (see page 3). Also, it's interesting to see the salaries by degree (also on page 3).

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  1. Cory Smith says:

    This salary survey:

    1) is kind of old (about 2 months).

    2) is garbage.

    3) has been discussed (argued) previously here on .NETWeblogs (with disastrous results – Ask ScottW for the specifics if interested).

    Now, to point out the obvious inaccuracy of this article… do you really think that C# developers are demanding something along the lines of $24,000 per year more than C++ developers and $26,000 more than VB.NET developers? I think that common sense has flown south for the winter and decided to stay.

    Who exactly did they get to fill out these survey forms? I’ve been a subscriber for this magazine for more years than I can remember. I’ve never gotten one of these surveys. Also, as soon as my current subscription runs out; I will not be renewing. It is constantly getting thinner and thinner each month. For a magazine that combined three magazines (VB, C/C++, and SQL Server) into one… how can it be getting smaller and smaller. MSDN Magazine has been consistant in size and content; what is VS Magazines excuse.

    My gut fealing is that all of the C++ and VB developers out there that used to subscribe to this magazine (or more specifically, the previous versions of) have gone elsewheres… leaving only C# developers to survey.

    Unfortunatly, a lot of people use this survey as a guideline for justifying salaries; gladly, I’m not in a situation where that is an issue 😉

  2. Jon says:

    I too am skeptical of the data in this article. However amusing it is that as a C# developer I should be making $90k, It doesn’t make sense why someone with only a H.S. diploma should be making $83k, and bachelors degrees should be making less than that.

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