Applied XML Conference

Coming soon to a theather near [only a flight away from] you... the Applied XML Conference, July 10-11, 2003.

"Not only were there 4x the number of sessions submitted that could be accepted, but the quality bar was so high that it was almost impossible to narrow them down. The good news for attendees is that the ones we picked are going to rock.
The seating for Applied XML is limited and all previous DevCons have sold out, so you may want to grab your seat now. And once you’ve done that, please spread the word! The more XML and web services zealots in one place, the better!"
Chris Sells, Friday, May 16, 2003 

Indeed! This conference will rock! I'm really looking forward to these two days in Portland.

As Julia has pointed out, I will be speaking and giving a demo during the lunch about my PhotoScribe application and XML Web Service. Right now I'm in the midst of preparing it for the International Imagine Cup Competition in Barcelona in about a month from now. I'm adding some nice new features to it (which I'm keeping quiet about until the days of the competition). It'll definitely be cool to show this off at the Applied XML conference and more importantly to get feedback from all who attend.

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