Ok, this weekend I feel like I've gotten no work done. I've been working on class projects. One of them was implementing two schedulers for our play NACHOS OS and the other are two programs in Prolog. My brain is totally fried. Hopefully I'll get around to the Photo Album again in a few nights.

Anyway, movie night was awesome. If anyone ever wondered, the word f*ck (or words with its root) was used about 419 times in the movie Casino directed by Martin Scorsese and with the star cast of Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Sharon Stone. Don't ask... one of my friends kept a tally on his iPaq. I've seen this movie about 5 times by now... definitely one of the best movies. Another movie, The Ring, wasn't as scary as everyone hyped it up to be. Also a very good movie. What ticks me off though is that in the trailers on TV they showed a scene which was close to the end of the movie, so at one of the scenes in the movie where you think would be a logical ending, you begin to think, "Hey, where was that scene that was in the trailer?". Why do they do this? Isn't this a bit pointless? I've noticed that recent trailers have had this sort of thing happen more and more often. Even if you click through to the IMDB for The Ring, one of the photos there sort of gives away part of the movie too. This is a bit upsetting.

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  1. Chad Osgood says:

    I could’ve sworn it was > 419. I estimated <b>at least</b> 500 :-). It’s one of my favorite movies…

  2. sirshannon says:

    regarding the spoilers in the previews/trailers, I am with you. I can’t stand watching a trailer and getting the feeling that I just saw an entire film. Going to a theater and seeing a film and waiting for that ‘really cool shot’ I saw in the trailer and realizing that they gave away the ending is even worse.

    That’s why I don’t watch trailers except for movies I don’t mind knowing all of beforehand, usually action/comic book movies. We all know how those end anyway, right?

    I’ve started posting movie reviews on my site( ). Sometimes I overcompensate for spoilers, though, and don’t even mention anything about the plot. I prefer to go in knowing as little as possible and don’t want to ruin it for anyone else.

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