More updates planned for the Photo Album WS

Last night I wrote a little test app to add copyright/watermarking to a photo. I've wanted to add this to the Photo Album for some time so that those web users who want to steal photos from my website would have this ugly copyright text on the photo. I guess now this is a bit irrelevant since I don't have the Photo Album up online anymore because of my ISP, but still you never know when something like this can come in handy. Also, I speced out the changes that need to be done to the Web Service and SQL Tables itself to take this additional feature on. Hopefully I'll get to some coding done before a bunch of my buddies come over for movie night at my house.

I also have some additional features that I'm planning to add... I'll write about those when the time's appropriate. If you have features that you think would be nice to add to this project, send me an email.

Comments (1)

  1. What is this all about, the photo album ws that is? Gonna have to miss the movie this time 🙂

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