My code’s controlled in my Vault

For the longest time I've been meaning to finally purchase Sourcegear's Vault, so finally today I placed my order for it and got my registration code. I was real lucky too since my trial of it was just about to expire on Sunday. Vault is a phenomenal revision control system. I've used a wide number of ones out there, including CVS, RCS, FreeVCS (which I used most extensively until Vault), SourceSafe, and Perforce. By far, I love that Vault ties into SQL Server 2000 for version control, and you can't forget that it's entirely written using .NET. Also, it's integration into is beautiful. Looking at their product roadmap, looks like they've got some nice things coming down the line. Luckily, you get free upgrades for a year after purchase (well, at least with the starter pack license that I bought).

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    Dewayne Mikkelson and his Radio WebDog, Shadow

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