New Mission to the Moon

President Bush reportedly wants to send a mission to the moon to hopefully leave a more permanent presence there. This is phenomenal! This is exactly what we need. A new generation of excitement for space exploration. I have been a long time proponent of exploring space and have always believed that having a station on…


Time Travel?

It may sound crazy, but is it really a possibility? According to Prof. Ronald Mallett at the University of Connecticut it is a possibility. He has a theory that’s not that far fetched. For those inclined towards Physics, here’s the paper. Here’s an explanation for those not endowed with Physics knowledge.


Longhorn Blogs

I may be silent here for a while, but I’ll be active on my Longhorn Blogs blog.



Chris Sells talks about some good methods for networking 🙂

Interesting read…

DonXML discusses some interesting viewpoints on SVG and Avalon… SVG is definitely a very hot standard. I’m very excite about it as I wrote about it back in July.


Rules for life

Stephen Forte talks of his life lessons from Mt. Everest. Definitely 100% true, rules to live by.

Half Life 2 Source Code Leaked

Man, this is a disaster. Half Life 2 forums is reporting (and as been confirmed by a PM at Valve) that the SOURCE CODE (yes you read right!) to Half Life 2 has been leaked out. What this means… the whole new engine for Half Lilfe 2 that so many people have been waiting for…


Everett… no Everest tails

Stephen Forte talks of his amazing experience at the top of the world. Dude, You ROCK!!! When you’re out in Redmond, give me a shout.


Longhorn Blogs!

Scoble points to his new Longhorn specific blog… I’ve got one too courtesy of Robert McLaws. Here’s the Cowboy Wlodarczyk Longhorn Blog. Also check out

Want to backup your XBOX?

Here’s a .NET project on SourceForge that will let you back up your XBOX to a remote location. Very cool! (SourceFroge Link)