SharePoint 2010 Installing prerequisites without an internet connection.

How to automate prerequisite install without an internet connection

I want to cover a few things about the prerequisite installer that everyone should know about.  First, all but one prerequisite component is installed locally.  The rest of them are downloaded from the web during setup.  This is great for servers with an internet connection but what if you want to install prereq’s without an internet connection.  This blog demonstrates how to run automate the install of prerequisite components on a box without requiring an internet connection. 

First, prerequisites need to be manually downloaded and moved over to server:





Geneva Framework

Microsoft ADOMD.NET


Automate Installing Prerequisites without Internet Connection

It's possible to install each prerequisite manually on a server with no internet connection but a more automated option exists.  The steps are the following:

1.) Place the downloaded files into a directory.  For my example: C:\sp

2.) Run the following command via command prompt within the root directory of the install media:

PreRequisiteInstaller.exe /SQLnCli:C:\sp\sqlncli.msi /ChartControl:C:\sp\MSChart.exe
/PowerShell:C:\sp\PowerShell_Setup_amd64.msi /Sync:C:\sp\Synchronization.msi
/IDFX:C:\sp\MicrosoftGenevaFramework.amd64.msi /adomd:C:\sp\SQLSERVER2008_ASADOMD10.msi

Comments (3)

  1. Doug Roulo says:

    Most of your links are pointing to you OWA mail.  the text is correct but the link is wrong.

  2. Russ Maxwell says:

    Thanks for the heads up..  Links have been updated…


  3. Patrick Kamgang says:

    Does it matter which windows server version is installed on the server? what about if we use windows server 2012 R2?

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