Collecting SharePoint ULS Logs Faster

Update – 1-8-2018 I didn’t spell this out as clearly as I should’ve but this script is intended for reproducible issues.  If you want to reproduce an issue with a fresh set of logs, this script is for you.  If you require to pull logs from the past, other scripts have been created based on this…


Need to evaluate SharePoint Search Topology?

Intro to Get-SRxTopologyReports It has some dust and time to blow it off.  My name is Russ Maxwell and I’m blogging again and excited to share something I’ve been working on for a few months. As you may or may not know, my colleague Brian Pendergrass developed the core of Search Dashboard. Eric Dixon and…


Important SharePoint 2013 Patching Script Changes

  Intro and Issue I want to get a quick update out to my subscribers that currently use the SharePoint 2013 patching script I created back in 2013.  The script itself is located here.  While the script has been highly successful for thousands of SharePoint Admin’s, Consultants, and others, the script will always report success…


Monitoring SharePoint 2013 Search Top Level Errors

Intro A common request for SharePoint Administrators and SharePoint Search Administrators is some sort of alert notification when top level errors occur during crawls. The SharePoint 2013 UI provides an impressive look at Crawl statistics however it’s a more manual effort to go validate no errors occurred during a given crawl for example. While the…


Client Automation: SharePoint Crawl Log Validation leveraging CSOM!

Intro Glad to be back blogging and yes it has been awhile. Part of belonging to the Search Premier Field Engineering team is coming up with creative solutions to complex Search tasks. In my case, one such request came in with a request to process thousands of URL’s against the Crawl Log. While the Crawl…


eDiscovery in-Place Hold Processing – Behind the Scenes

  Intro I’m excited to announce that I recently transferred internally to a Senior Search Premier Field Engineer role at Microsoft. I’ll continue to post general SharePoint topics, but expect to see some hardcore Search Posts mixed in. My blog posts will also now appear in multiple places on msdn so just a heads up….


Unraveling SharePoint BI Access to External Data Sources – Part 1

Intro I’ve been meaning to write this blog for some time now so I finally got around to doing it. In my opinion, SharePoint BI setup is one of the most confusing aspects for SharePoint IT Pro’s and Dev’s in recent memory. Microsoft TechNet Authors and some fellow Microsoft Colleagues have produced some great documentation…


Bypassing Multiple-Authentication Providers in SharePoint 2013

Intro I haven’t researched to see if this topic has been heavily documented but feel like putting my 2 cents of input so hope this helps you. One of Microsoft’s big pushes for SharePoint 2013 for On Premise is to consolidate multiple web applications to a single Web Application. This is easier said than done…


Do you want SharePoint 2013 in-flight workflows to complete after a Full Farm Fail Over?

Important Updated – 10/30/17 The approach I outlined below of sharing a workflow farm between two SharePoint Farms in a high availability scenario leveraging via SQL Always On Async replication is not a supported scenario.  I’m going to create a new blog outlining another supported approach so that inflight workflows will complete after a full…


Part 2: Intro to Provider Hosted Apps – Develop, Package, and Deploy

The purpose of this blog series is to consolidate and provide a simple flow on how to setup Provider Hosted App Infrastructure and understand the basics around Packaging and Deploying provider hosted apps. I assume you have setup the infrastructure for Provider Hosted Apps. If not, start Part 1 of my blog series here before…