[PDC 2005] DAT303 SQL Server 2005: Building Distributed, Asynchronous Database Applications with the Service Broker

You can now download the demos used in Gerald and Roger's PDC talk on the Service Broker from SSB CodeGallery. The demos include:

  1. Basics - Creating metadata, beginning a dialog, sending a message and receiving a message.
  2. CLR Services - Writing a CLR stored proc and activating it internally, writing a CLR application and activating it externally (using the External Activator).
  3. CG Locking - Maintaining consistency when concurrent queue readers receive messages from the queue.
  4. WCF Channel - Layering the Windows Communication Foundation ("Indigo") on top of Service Broker by implementing  Request/Reply custom transport channels. [This is work in progress and hence we are not releasing this yet].
  5. Remote - Setting up endpoints and exchanging service listings so that services hosted in different SQL Server instances can talk to each other securely and reliably.

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