hello again

After missing for over a year I decided to start blogging again. Much has changed. I no longer work in the SQL Server Engine team on Service Broker. I moved to the Zune team to work on web-services that power the Zune marketplace and have been quite busy shipping the newest line of products and…


External Activator HOWTO

After receiving several requests, I have put together simple documentation on how to use the External Activator sample here.


Where did all the images go?

If you are wondering if the disappearance of images from my blog had anything to do with moving it back to blogs.msdn.com, you are on the right track. The reason I moved the blog was that my computer which was hosting the blog had a RAID-0 failure causing a lot of data to be lost….


Reliably making a web-request from the database

One of the prime use cases of the CLR integration in SQL Server 2005 is to make outbound HTTP requests to web applications or web services. But how do you do that reliably given the large number of failures that need to be handled ranging from network unavailability, server timeouts, 404 errors, 500 errors, etc….


App Paritioning: Data Dependent Routing using Redirection

Following up on my previous post regarding how to talk to partitioned services with data dependent routing, here is another mechanism — redirection. One of the main drawbacks of having the routing service forward messages to the final target service was that you need to delegate trust to the routing service. The target cannot authenticate the initiators…


App Partitioning: Data Dependent Routing and Forwarding

One strategy to achieve scale-out is replicating data. Another is partitioning. Each has its own advantages and limitations; and you’d use one over the other depending on the nature of the data itself as well as the access pattern. While Service Broker naturally provides a mechanism for achieving scale-out when the data is replicated, it…


Remus joins the blogosphere

My teammate Remus Rusanu spawned his blog today with a great article on how to write a simple publish-subscribe service in SQL Server 2005 using Service Broker. While SQL Server 2005 does not natively support a pub-sub architecture and the only type of conversations provided by the Service Broker are peer-to-peer dialogs, Remus shows how…


Service Broker official documentation on SQL Server 2005 Books Online

The official documentation for SQL Server 2005 (called ‘Books Online’) is now available on MSDN. You can read the Service Broker section by clicking on the following link:     http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms166043(en-US,SQL.90).aspx


[PDC 2005] DAT303 SQL Server 2005: Building Distributed, Asynchronous Database Applications with the Service Broker

You can now download the demos used in Gerald and Roger’s PDC talk on the Service Broker from SSB CodeGallery. The demos include: Basics – Creating metadata, beginning a dialog, sending a message and receiving a message. CLR Services – Writing a CLR stored proc and activating it internally, writing a CLR application and activating…


Exporting and importing service listings into a database

You implemented a Service Broker service and now want others to be able to talk to it. But they will have to first create your message types and contracts to be able to begin a dialog and send messages to your target service. If their service does not reside in the same SQL Server instance,…