Random braindump while triaging e-mails

I’m sure many of you find yourself in the same position, and maybe there are even tools out there that do this (if so, share!) I’m finding myself triaging e-mails again. The e-mails that arrive in my inbox are usually the ones that are important, and I tend to do these twice daily. But then…


Unit Tests as documentation

Since Unit Testing is becomming a defacto used practice in modern programming, this is an interesting topic to say the least: The next XP BE meeting will be hosted by Philippe De Bruycker of the Federal Administration of Foreign Affairs in Brussels. The topic of the evening will be “Unit Tests as documentation”. If you…


Developer & ITPro Days 2005 updated

Just slightly updated the agenda and some speaker details on Friday. If I had goodies to give away, I would open up a contest to ‘spot the differences’. That is just to say how final things are at this point. Overall I’m hearing good feedback for the agenda. As Tom already noted: you have the…


Updated Developer & ITPro Days 2005 Agenda

Just completed some more details on the agenda, and I will continue so in the next coming weeks.Please, please, pretty please give us some feedback. Especially around the ‘Connect’ sessions. Some people seem to think this is a great idea, other really don’t see the point. The idea behind the ‘Connect’ sessions is that as a…


Finally, InfoPath has Managed Code!!

Announcing the InfoPath 2003 Toolkit for Visual Studio .NET Back in the days that InfoPath was still code named XDocs, this was the one of the big features I was really missing, having been living and breathing .NET and managed code all over, convincing our customers and developers the only way forward was .NET. Seeing…


Win a Smartphone

WebcastsLooking to build applications for mobile devices like the Windows Powered Smartphone or the Pocket PC but don’t know where to begin? Learn247 are please to announce the free “Building Mobile Applications with Visual Studio.NET” online training series presented by the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft. This is a 3 part hands on training course…


New Usergroup online

Yes, a new User Group has just been launched. http://www.vbgroup.org At the moment, dutch only, but they hope to unite all of the Belgian developers to participate in their community. They offer a wide range of features such as newsgroups, a knowledge base. I wish them all the best and hope it becomes a huge…



I try to keep this blog only on the technical side and not discuss religion or politics, but this seems like a nice site, that involves us all: http://www.us-election.org go post your vote.


Dev-ITPro Days 2005 Feedback

For those that do not follow Alains blog, we are seeking feedback for the next edition of the Dev-ITPro days. Go there to add your comments. Thanks.


SQL Server Magazine is comming to Europe! Do not miss this event!

We are organizing a full day on SQL Server at the Kinepolis in Brussels. Two tracks with each several sessions will give SQL Server DBAs and developers the tools they need to unleash the power of SQL Server 2000, deploy SQL Server Express, and get ready for SQL Server 2005. The event is produced by…