The Developer & IT Pro Days 2005 have come to an end.

It was interesting to see the 'abstract' work I had been doing come together and result in people (lots of people actually) enjoying the content of the sessions. Despite the unfortunate audio problems that come with organizing such an event in an expo hall, all the speakers did their best to present as best as they could. It comes with the territory, I guess. Having Bill Gates means you need a really big hall to fit 1500 people, and it has to be in Brussels. That pretty much leaves the Brussels Expo (aka Heysel) as the only option.

I must really mention Kimberly Tripp here, coz meeting her was just an amazing experience. I did not get the chance to go to TechEd and hear her talk there. She did get the highest speaker scores, and I'm pretty sure she will get the highest scores here in Belgium too. Feedback from her keynote session was just all good. She really rocked the audience. Although in Belgium that sort of thing is really hard to tell. The belgian audience is well, how to put it, somewhat timid? silent? not all that responsive? That is one of the hardest things when presenting here, getting a feel of the audience. Usually its only when the actual evaluations start comming in, that you know what people are really thinking.


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