The Innovation Files – win a visit to MS Research (dutch)

See the stuff Microsoft Research is building right now, all the stuff I wrote about in my previous post: Innovation inspired by your Potential

The local (Belgian, dutch) recruitement newspaper is running a series of articles (dutch) about innovation.

Ok, I just went over to channel9 for my daily piece of tech-soap tv. And I just have to add this:

Stewart Tansley - First look at MSR's "touch light" #

Remember the movie with Tom Cruise: Minority Report, I always thought that the way he operated the computer there was sooo unreal? Way to Hollywood, who would ever be standing in front of a screen waving their arms around whole day (as a developer: how would that impact the daily intake of Cola and Pizza?). But it seems that we could be doing this in reality in future. Whoow, looks way cool dude!

So is this innovation? Did the researcher see the movie and then came up with the technology? Maybe. But even if he did, I'm sure what you saw in the movie was added by CG (Computer Graphics) in post-production. I'm sure Tom Cruise could well have been directing an orchestra instead of operating that 'device'. It still is the researcher that has put together the technology to make this work and was creative and innovative. So thats innovation right?
What do you think?

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  1. Ludvig A. Norin says:

    People visionized flying transportation long before the airplane was invented. Devices that you walk in to, which without hazzle transport you to a different location does not exist yet. Given these statements I ask you two questions: Who invented the aircraft? Is the teleportation device invented yet, or do we have to wait until someone actually find a way to do it in reality? I think there’s a difference between innovation and imagination.

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