Python for .NET

I've read some stuff around Python for .NET before and I found the article from Jim Hugunin very interesting, especially for getting a better insight on how the CLR works internally.

Turns out Jim has joined the Microsoft CLR team, and is starting today. Well, this is good news. (does this also mean P# will be available someday? 😉

He has also released IronPython 0.6 under the CPL license.

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  1. Guy Murphy says:

    P# is already available, but it’s a Prolog not a Python… it’s a very good Prolog as it happens.

  2. Rudi says:

    Ah, didn’t know that yet, good info.

    It’s kinda funny though… all these # languages, I saw a post somewhere sometime that listed a lot of them, stating the limited availability of these (26 in total if you take the latin alfabet). And that in this day and age of Mega, Giga, Terra bytes and scalability beyond the 640KB limit of old DOS 😉

    Note we could start using double letters, maybe PY#?

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