Microsoft Belux Security Summit

Yes, I will be doing my thing...

Upcoming Platform Security Enhancements: Windows XP SP2 and MS Java Virtual Machine
Rudi Larno, Technical Specialist from Microsoft Belux

In this session you will learn what the impact of Windows XP SP2 will be on developing applications and the impact on current application. In the second part we will explain how you can transition of the MS JVM because of a Sun - Microsoft settlement which states that after September 30, 2004, Microsoft will no longer be authorized to support the MSJVM which means that Microsoft will not be able to provide fixes even if there is a security hole.

 I just hope there are not going to be more changes between now and the time I have to do the presentation. I like the fact that Sun and MS have found peace. So the above date of Sept 30 2004, is no longer true. But it is still a wise choice not to have *ANY* MSJVM dependency. That's a dependency on the Microsoft JVM, I'm not talking about Javatm. Hey we're friends now 😉

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  1. Profke says:

    Unfortunately I cannot be there! Go baby go!

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