Bill Gates no longer Nr 1 richest man.

 I actually heard this on the radio this morning thinking that maybe this again will take off the heat towards Microsoft. I know a lot of people cannot stand the fact that Billg made some good business decisions and earned himself that spot. Again The Register shows that sign of jealousy.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    "If you think about it, Microsoft and IKEA are not terribly dissimilar. Both companies sell mass-produced gear that requires a lot of assembly and attention."

    This is bullshit. Microsoft has unit costs of almost zero and a very huge initial investment to make (huge barrier of entrance for competitors). IKEA is about minimizing cost per unit and brand value. The two couldn’t be more different. Microsoft is trying to get premium profits, IKEA is a cost leader.

  2. sreedhar says:

    He might not be richest person as compared with $$$s

    But he is still rich man at Heart and also at the rate he gives the Technology to the earth and it’s moderanization ; )

  3. martins says:

    Well the way you said i may not still agree with thee why because the IKEA you’re talking of now, you di9d not even say if it is an individual person.So i will like you to tell me more of that IKEA.

  4. mick says:

    he makes 1000$ per second.bbbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiil;llllllllllllluiyt8ustdhuiweyyu

  5. kevin says:


  6. horts says:

    he is not the richest but he is rich.

  7. unknown says:

    i really dont care about all this

    so why am i typing it

  8. unknown says:

    i really dont care about all this

    so why am i typing it

  9. hav u got the hots for me says:

    he is really rich but only he knows how much money he has and by finding that out he will know if he is the richest or not.

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