Visual Studio 11 Beta: Test Controller Goes 64 Bit!!

Visual Studio 2010 supported 64 bit Test Agent which used to allow us to do 64bit test runs as explained here. But Test Controller was capable of running in 32 bit mode only. As a 32 bit process, it was limited to 2GB of memory. This causes scale issues sometimes as QTController process starts throwing…


Visual Studio 11 Beta-Virtual User License Key for Load Testing

Visual Studio 11 Beta lets you use a maximum 250 virtual users on a local load test run. If your load testing requires more virtual users or you want to use remote machines then you need Visual Studio Load Test Virtual User Pack. Another benefit of installing Visual Studio Load Test Virtual User Pack is…


Visual Studio 11 Beta – Changes in Web Performance Test / Load Test Workflow

With Visual Studio 11 Beta, you will see some changes in Web Performance Test / Load Test workflow.  In this post, I’ll be highlighting those changes.        Creating Web Performance Test / Load Test There has been some changes around creating Web Performance Test / Load Test. Now we’ve separate test project type for Web…


Issues with using Custom Counter in Goal Based Load Pattern inside Load Test

If you are using custom counter in goal based load pattern inside load test then you may come across this kind of error while running load test: Exception        LoadTestGoalCounterNotFoundException        1        A goal based load pattern can not be applied because it specifies a performance counter (RUBELSVM1\MyCategory1\MyCounter1\) that could not be read: Category does not exist….


How Test Case result is computed in Test Runner?

“I’ve NOT marked any test step BUT test case result is auto-computed as passed sometimes and failed sometimes.“ “I’ve marked a few test steps to pass / fail but auto-computed test case result is not what I had expected.” Have you also faced similar kind of issues around auto-computation of test case result? Do you…


How can I configure MTLM to use my custom bug / test case type?

How can I configure MTLM to use my custom bug / test case type?  I got this Q on my previous blog and thought of posting a separate post on it as it’s a bit tricky to do it and hence other folks may need this info. In Microsoft Test and Lab Manager (MTLM), we…


Test Runner- Using Global Shortcut Keys

While executing a test case in Test Runner you’ll have to mark test steps and browse through test steps quite frequently. It won’t be very good experience for tester if he has to move focus back and forth from AuT to Test Runner and Test Runner to AuT. To solve this issue, we’ve provided Global…


Troubleshooting Data Diagnostic Adapters- Log is not getting generated?

As I had mentioned in my earlier posts that you can enable a number of Diagnostic Data Adapters in test setting so as to collect various types of data while running tests in Test Runner. Sometimes it is confusing if you don’t get any log from a diagnostic data adapter though you’ve enabled it in…


Recording video of desktop while testing through Test Runner

  While running tests using Test Runner, you can enable a number of diagnostic data adapters in test setting which collect various types of data from the test machine. When you create a bug from Test Runner then logs from these adapters are attached to bug which are helpful for developer to reproduce the bug….