Visual Studio 11 Beta–Test Agent needs to be installed on Test Controller box for Load Test

With Visual Studio 11 Beta, you will come across below issue while doing remote Load Test run (i.e. run using Test Controller and Test Agent. Please check here): Load Test run won’t be able to start successfully and will get aborted with this error: “The specified module could not be found” This is known issue…


Visual Studio 11 Beta: Test Controller Goes 64 Bit!!

Visual Studio 2010 supported 64 bit Test Agent which used to allow us to do 64bit test runs as explained here. But Test Controller was capable of running in 32 bit mode only. As a 32 bit process, it was limited to 2GB of memory. This causes scale issues sometimes as QTController process starts throwing…


Visual Studio 11 Beta-Virtual User License Key for Load Testing

Visual Studio 11 Beta lets you use a maximum 250 virtual users on a local load test run. If your load testing requires more virtual users or you want to use remote machines then you need Visual Studio Load Test Virtual User Pack. Another benefit of installing Visual Studio Load Test Virtual User Pack is…


Visual Studio 11 Beta – Changes in Web Performance Test / Load Test Workflow

With Visual Studio 11 Beta, you will see some changes in Web Performance Test / Load Test workflow.  In this post, I’ll be highlighting those changes.        Creating Web Performance Test / Load Test There has been some changes around creating Web Performance Test / Load Test. Now we’ve separate test project type for Web…


Load Test: How to create a custom network profile for network emulation?

VS2010 supports true network emulation i.e. the ability to simulate network conditions by directly manipulating the network packets. The Network Emulation that we provide in Visual Studio 2010 is a software-based emulator which can emulate the behaviour of both wired and wireless networks using a reliable physical link, such as an Ethernet. A variety of…


Hardware Requirements for Test Agent / Test Controller running Load Test

You can find hardware recommendation for Test Agent / Test Controller here: But still people have some questions / confusions around it because of these reasons: 1)Above link talks about h/w requirements for VS2008 and there is no similar link available for VS 2010. 2) The number of virtual users that an test agent…


Load Test: Different values for counters in graph and table view?

Sometime while looking at load test results you may see different values for some counters in Graph view and Table view.  Generally Min and Max values are different. e.g for my load test result I am seeing different values of counter Page response time in table and graph as you can see below    …


RPS (Requests / sec) decreases as load test progresses?

Some users come across these type of issues in their load test runs: RPS decreases though user load increases RPS decreases gradually over the duration of run though user load is constant RPS Pattern like shown below in graph indeed looks confusing: As part of investigations we found that these issues are caused by: 1)…


How to resolve Issues faced during counter collection in Load Test run?

You may come across some issues while collecting counters using Load Test. These 2 types of issues are most common: 1) Not able to access performance counter category on a computer You’ll get this kind of error message in this scenario: The performance counter category ‘Network Interface’ cannot be accessed on computer ‘ComputerName’ (Access is…


Issues with using Custom Counter in Goal Based Load Pattern inside Load Test

If you are using custom counter in goal based load pattern inside load test then you may come across this kind of error while running load test: Exception        LoadTestGoalCounterNotFoundException        1        A goal based load pattern can not be applied because it specifies a performance counter (RUBELSVM1\MyCategory1\MyCounter1\) that could not be read: Category does not exist….