The RSS Platform User-Agent String

On the IE blog, Eric Lawrence presented the User-Agent string for the beta version of Internet Explorer 8 which will be available later this year. The RSS Platform will also introduce an updated User-Agent string for use with the IE8 beta. For details on the RSS Platform User-Agent string in IE7 please take a look at my past blog post.

The change is a simple increment of the version number to "2.0" as in

Windows-RSS-Platform/2.0 (MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.0)

And as before, note that there are two cases to keep in mind:

  1. The user is not subscribed to the feed. The user navigates to a feed and IE presents a preview of the content.

  2. The user is subscribed to the feed. The RSS Platform retrieves the feed content on a schedule (or on demand).

In the first case, the request is made by IE and hence the IE User-Agent string is used.

In the second case, the RSS Platform User-Agent string is used.

- Walter vonKoch
Program Manager

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  1. Cloudream says:

    Do we need a <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="WinRSS=2.0" /> in rss xml file?

  2. Wictor says:

    Can you or have you announced what new features there will be in version 2.0 of Windows RSS platform? A version 2.0 sounds more than just an upgrade!?

    Will IE8 release memory better than IE7 when browsing through subscribed feeds (see

  3. ccatto says:

    Hey NOw,

    I hope the RSS Feeds work great in IE8



  4. Let’s have the useragent explain to us in our web server access logs whether the visitor is subscribed to the feed or not. I don’t think Firefox, Opera, or Safari provide such information and it would be VERY useful for marketing and statistics!

  5. @John A. Bilicki III

    The user-agent string already tells you weather the user is subscribed or not. If the user is subscribed you see the Windows-RSS-Platform user-agent string in your logs. If the user is *not* subscribed, then you see the regular IE user-agent string in your logs.

    This is also explained in my old post:

  6. Ha, ok my bad, thanks for the clarification!

  7. Alun Rowe says:

    Without wanting to sound naive but what problem are you solving with this ‘solution’?

    RSS is defined by its name :- REALLY SIMPLE

  8. geraldz says:

    I’ve developed a new internet television application called .  However, I’d prefer to have some control over how IE7 renders the feed.  It would be nice if I could implement my own stylesheet as well.

    Feeds aren’t just for blogs anymore!

  9. a.k.a. says:

    My RSS wishlist is this:

    1. That IE8 allows you to save feeds in nested folders. Currently, if you build a folder tree for the feeds in either IE or Outlook, and then export/import, the folder tree is missing, and everything shows up as a ‘river of news’ view again, which means you’d better not try to backup/restore or sync more than a small number of feeds, or you’re sunk trying to pick up humpty-dumpty. Why should that be the case? Many of us have had to move on to a different reader as a result.

    2. Make the RSS feeds saveable in a subdirectory like Favorites is, so that it’s easier to reorder the contents. The interface to create/edit folders within IE 7 is very sluggish and touchy. (Same with Outlook — you can only move one feed folder at a time up or down the list. No batch moves.)

    3. Please take a very hard second look at the wonderful IE add-on you guys bought up in 2002 from Onfolio, which was re-released as an IE Windows Live Toolbar add-in. This thing seriously rocks as a research tool, and you’ll see a million ways its functions could be redesigned so that its functions boost the capabilities both of IE (when it’s standalone) and OneNote (when you buy the Office suite and install an Onfolio-like add-in).



  10. Thiago says:

    Now Windows Rss Platform support private feeds in IE8?

  11. Sean says:


    Yes, it does. You should install the beta and take a look.

  12. And when IE8 is going to be released exactly and is it going to be fully compatible?

  13. TerryYang says:

    I hope the RSS Feeds work great in IE8

  14. Flash says:

    I think the IE8 is already release.

  15. RSS is the best thing that someone created

  16. # I’d like to be able to highlight multipe feeds as well as multiple feed items (using shift click) and then update them (such as selecting catch-up or mark as read/unread) all at one time.

    # I’d like to be able to set the active tab to move to the right instead of the left when closing the current tab.

       * This is controlled by the used DocuManager control, that currently does not support such an option.

  17. RSS is a good idea to receive new messages, it is worthwhile to improve and I wonder what is new comes up with IE8

  18. Robert Mcmillan says:

    I created this program.It is not RSS it is my feed ,check it again if you don’t believe me.signed The Phantomworrier

  19. Sarah says:

    Hey who is the voice in my speech who blew up my monitor in real time. Guess that image must have a attitude. Or something wierd happen. was looking for Something and when I said it was not there got a little bugged.

  20. Thiago says:


    I’m getting this error when I try to add a reference

    in visual studio project:

    "A reference to Microsoft Feeds, versio 1.0 could not be added. Could not register the ActiveX type library


    I’m using Internet Explorer 8.0 Beta 2.

    What’s the problem?

    my email is thiago dot farina @ gmail dot com

  21. Natalie says:

    My husband (Justin) and I leave on September 30th to backpack to various countries around the world for a year or so.  

    As we have been planning for our adventure we have been updating a blog.  We like having the feed!  Feel free to join in and follow us too.

    Justin (Mac user) just published a post about being seduced by the dark side, as he bought one of the new tiny PC’s to tag along on our adventures.  Feel free to laugh at Justin’s ridiculousness.  Is that a word?  hmmmm….

    Thanks for sharing the info with everyone,


  22. przedszkole says:

    Work will be fine I hope. Thanks for the entry


  23. twojeanonse says:

    Thanks for very interesting article.

  24. BPM software says:

    Has it been released yet? I can’t find it.

  25. Thiago says:

    No more news about Windows RSS Platform?

    The platform is finished?

  26. webtimi says:

    Work will be fine I hope. Thanks for the entr

  27. Anonymuos says:

    Offtopic but why doesn’t IE have a simple "Use feed reading view (apply internal stylesheet for RSS feeds) only when custom stylesheet is not specified"? I’d like to see this fundamental feature in IE vNext please. Please forward this to the RSS platform team.

  28. Fewo says:

    i have done some test and i think this is working perfect with IE 8…

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  34. kitlen says:

    Do we need a <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="WinRSS=2.0" /> in rss xml file?

  35. kitlen says:

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  61. PCGalando says:

    Is there an easy way to change the user agent for a subscribed feed for sites like craigslist that return no data (error 404) for the useragent: Windows-RSS-Platform regardless of the query?


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