IE7 Beta 2 – Get it now

IE7 Beta 2 is now available for general download! Read Dean’s post to the IE blog for more details, or skip to the download here.

For people who have downloaded the previews of Beta 2, you’ll find improved stability and a number of fixed issues in the RSS user experience and the RSS Platform. If you haven’t looked at IE7 yet, this is the build to install.

What to expect
As a recap of what you can expect in IE7, I’ve put together a collection of links to previous posts we made about the RSS features of IE and the Windows RSS Platform. 

Introduction to the RSS user experience:

Additional information for publishers of RSS feeds can be found in the RSS team's Publisher’s Guide (work-in-progress).

Windows RSS Platform:

More information will be coming in the next few weeks. If you there is something you have a question about, let  us know in the comments or directly at


With this release, we’ll be transitioning from the feedback wiki we used in the previous releases to the the IE feedback system that was announced last month. We’ll be tracking all IE RSS issues through the IE feedback system, as well as using the system for the Windows RSS Platform. The best place to learn about this is from Al's post about feedback and support for the IE release.

The really cool thing about this new system is that bugs filed go directly into our main bug tracking database, which is itself tied into our bug checkin system.When a fix to your bug is checked into the code, you’ll know it immediately through the tracking system. Al’s post has all the details you need.

The feedback from the the wiki in the previous release has been really great and we’re looking forward to more.

On behalf of the entire team, I hope you check out Beta 2, try it with your favorite sites and feeds, and let us know what you think.

- Sean

Comments (4)

  1. Rich227 says:

    Is this the new release that has the fix for NIS 2005 Script errors?

  2. Jim says:

    Hey guys,

    Any chance we can get a little rundown of the major changes in the platform? I’m not seeing any changes to the interfaces, so I’m curious if there’s anything interesting and new under the hood.

  3. Edward says:

    If you retrieve the XML content of the feed through the IFeed.XML() method could it also include the feed stores ID property for each item? Perhaps add it as an attribute in another namespace.

    It seems a lot faster to use the xml() method to sort and filter the items than it is to go through the Items iterator and do it in my code.

    But once I’ve retrieved the sorted list I need by parsing the xml content, I’d still like to know the item IDs so that I can later fetch the item content on demand using GetItem().

  4. Walter [MSFT] says:


    [5/5: correcting comment] The .Xml() method does return the item’s local Id. In beta 2 look for the <cf:id> tag. That is what you are asking for right?

    [previous comment text] Thanks for the feedback. It’s good idea, that we’ve heard from other sources as well.
    We will look into adding the feed store ID of items into the returned Xml. Obviously, at this time I can’t make any promises if the final product will expose the id or not.

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