Feed Integration in Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta

Bryan Starbuck from the Windows Live development team blogged about the RSS feed support in Mail Desktop Beta.

Their feed reading features are built on top of the Windows RSS Platform.  That means you can read feeds in an email application that stays in sync with feeds you read in IE7.

Go check it out: http://spaces.msn.com/morethanmail/

Note (added 5/8/06): From the comments below, we get a lot of people sending feedback on Windows Live Mail (the new Hotmail) and Windows Live Mail Desktop (the new desktop client). We can't answer those questions.

You can send comments on Windows Live Mail team (formerly Hotmail) at

You can send comments to the Windows Live Mail Desktop team at:

Both teams would love to hear your feedback directly 🙂

- Jane

Comments (56)

  1. Brad Freeman says:

    I was just looking for a place to tell you a few things I don’t like about

    IE 7.

    1. The RSS supports is confusing and, to me, useless. I am a developer and

    long time ago I have developed a small ASP web site that allows me to view

    my RSS feeds at a glance, instead of going through each end every one and

    study them individually – just by looking at a small list I can see whether

    there’s anything new, and if so, I just click a small + icon and see the

    short description of the new article. I think the value of RSS is in the "at

    a glance" viewing. I don’t know anyone who reads RSS feeds for a living, so

    viewing RSS updates should be a peripheral and quick operation, not

    something that requires me to click 5 times and manually check long half-empty

    XSL-formatted pages. As a developer and a fairly intelligent person, I have

    to say that RSS support in IE 7 as it is now is not intuitive nor useful.

    2. Address bar should be below tabs line, not above.

    3. "Home" button doesn’t belong to the right. OK, you can change its

    position, but that position is not preserved between.

    4. UI is too flickery and not very neat. I just bought a lightning-fast

    top-of-the line desktop with 2 GB RAM and 256M video card, yet IE 7.0

    constantly flickers and occasionally leaves things on the toolbar unpainted.

    Hope this gets fixed in the release version.

    5. It’s about time the famous "IE cannot display the webpage" is made a

    little more informative. Obscuring troubleshooting information isn’t helping

    anyone, beginner or not, especially when it contains BAD or misleading

    advice. I’d even rather see "Can’t retrieve page. Full stop." than a list of

    useless, incorrect and inapplicable "suggestions". Second best would be to

    actually provide useful troubleshooting information, such as the stage when

    the problem occurred (dns, HTTP error<>200, etc).

  2. Evil says:

    I know this comment doesn’t quite fit this post but I wanted to ask you guys if and when your new MS OnFolio will use the Windows RSS Feed list like IE 7 and soon to be Windows Live Mail Desktop. It also seems that this aquisition conflicts with what WLMD will be capable of as an RSS Reader. So are both of these products going to be combined in some way? I’ve been using Onfolio all day now and so far I love it, except for a few small things. One of them being not using the Windows RSS Feed List, and not integrating better in that aspect.

    Thanks for your time,


  3. rss says:

    On Onfolio: we don’t have a specific timeline, but it’s definitely something we’re thinking about how and when to do.

  4. halil says:

    thanks you  interest windows live beta mail



  7. Dave Taylor says:

    This program sucks please let me know how to disable this crap!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. rss says:

    Note: We are *not* the Windows Live Mail team, or the Windows Live Mail Desktop team. 🙂

    You can send comments to the Windows Live Mail team (formerly Hotmail) at


    You can send comments to the Windows Live Mail Desktop team at:


    Both teams would love to hear your feedback directly 🙂

  9. b brady says:

    HI – signed up for beta this morning. still can’t get my mail to load. the advertisements load quickly, then the whole experience stalls. I can’t even get the option button to revert back to classic hotmail for the sake of seeing my mail. disappointing as i was psyched for an upgrade to the hotmail experience as and it’s overdue – especially the reading panel – and the ability to tab between a new message being typed and the in box, without loosing the work in progress.

  10. andrew says:

    How do you get rid if this rubbish

  11. Jo H says:

    It’s not working and now I can’t check my email and it’s driving me mad. How can I fix this?

  12. katie says:

    this is the dumbest thing thing ever, i hate beta..i can’t check my emails any more. I need to get to my email box, but this firg’n thing wont let me, and if anyone figures it out please email me at my new temerary acount  they_cant_save_us_now@hotmail.com

  13. jason says:


    I need to get rid of it. tell me how email me at my other email


  14. Chef Chris says:

    Can someone get me back to the old msn- I am going to drop MSN completley soon. It’s so frustrating.

  15. Opting Out of WLM Beta

    If you’d like to opt out of the Windows Live Mail beta and return to MSN Hotmail:

    Sign in to your account.

    1.Click Options in the upper right-hand corner of the page (next to Help).

    2.Select Beta Opt Out.

    3.Follow the instructions (please provide feedback if you can).

    When you log in again, you’ll be using MSN Hotmail.  If you would like to use Windows Live Mail again you will need to sign up again at http://ideas.live.com.

  16. K Heitz says:

    You guys have screwed my computer up soooooooooo much I can’t get rid of it the CRAP that the dip Alfazz Mahmooud wrote doesn’t work I have NOTHING!!!!!!! I want out of this and now you have wasted my time. Have you ever heard of the saying DO it right or don’t do it at all. Your company has the head stuck somewher where the sun isn’t shineing that’s for sure!!!!!!!

  17. karen103 says:

    Hello, just wanted to say that I have tried what Afzaal Mahmood said and it worked fine.  I now have my original Hotail back with no problems.   Thank you so much.  I really hated the beta mail.

  18. Imran says:

    Please check this link in order to run steps to revert back to regular hotmail interface from the beta. This is part of the Windows Live Mail beta support and it worked perfectly.


  19. Kevin says:

    Thanks for telling me how to get rid of Beta! It was driving me crazy! I thought a newer version would have been more convenient but boy was I ever wrong! Beta sucks!

  20. tuba says:

    uhhhhhh im so angry with this stupid beta i tried what Alfazz Mahmooud said and its not working for me because the right side of the page doesn’t show its so annoying i have to use outlook now which is what i suggest for those who want to check their mail if anyone knows any other way of getting rid of this thing PLEASE TELL ME

  21. Mikey says:

    how do disable this crap!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s to slow it looks stupid and takes longer to us

  22. michal says:

    seriously how do i get rid of live beta mail when i cant even get into the options menu? affecting my work!!! need solution asap

    please add me to your msn for help. big_zulu@hotmail.com dont send emails. (cant view them remember!)

  23. keahi says:

    so glad i got out of that shit it so bad the old version is so much better

  24. Ginger says:

    I have windows live mail on my computer and I haven’t been able to get into my inbox anymore. It is very irritating.  How am I suppose to get my e-mails from colleges and friends? Some of those e-mails are very important and I can’t get to them. I’d like to know a solution.

  25. Yan says:

    Does Big Bill G know about this? I suggest switching to GMail, its much better. I’m surprised Microsoft hasn’t pulled Beta yet. Real egg on their faces with this rubbish. Even yahoo offers something way better!

  26. Gelvez44 says:

    How in the world can i get in to HOTMAIL and see my email?..I cant do it with my messenger and i cant do it with regular log in…

    I hate this beta crap./.

  27. Yasir says:

    To opt-out try the easy steps.

    Log in to your account as you normally would.  At this point you may get a partially loaded screen or other symptoms ( In order to opt out, you need to replace the end of the URL in your address bar AFTER you have tried logging in.  You will replace all the text after “/mail/” .

    See the screenshot in the link given below


    * In your browser address bar, replace the end of the address with: options.aspx?subsection=9

    (your URL will look something like: http://by107w.bay107.mail.live.com/mail/options.aspx?subsection=9)

    * Hit enter

    *This will take you to the opt out page.  Opting out will return you to the classic Hotmail interface.

    Try this and it will work 100% .

    (found this from

    http://spaces.msn.com/mail-support/Blog/cns/ )

  28. mark says:

    fucking crap

  29. irritated says:

    The beta mail worked all right when I first got it, but now I can’t even sign into my account–very frustrating.

    I keep getting this yellow sign that says "Window’s Live Mail wasn’t able to complete this request. Microsoft may contact you about any issues you report." And then it says, "Return to Windows Live Mail," and, "Report this issue to Microsoft."

    I’d really like to be able to check my email and disable beta, but how am I supposed to do that when I can’t even get in??

    Can someone please tell me whether this is the result of Windows Live Beta or something else?

  30. Annoyed says:

    I cannot opt out of Beta Mail because I cannot sign into my account.  Nor can I send an e-mail to the Windows Live team to tell them to disable my account, because I live in China and certain websites are censored here – the Windows Live website.

    Absolute waste of time

  31. Cynthia says:

    I want to know how to get rid of windows mail live beta…  I don’t like it….The old hotmail was faster and better!  Please email me on how to disable this and go back to the old hotmail.  cindyclark528@hotmail.com

  32. Dave says:

    Thank you Live Beta for fucking up my day and now probably my entire week. I’ve tried the fixes and it’s shit. Nothing has changed. There is no option link. typing in the other fixes are a waste of time. I’d like the hammer the whole set up straight up your collective IPO asses. Next time you MS cunts feel the need to pull something like this go out into the wilds of the Cascade Mountains and let a bear eat you.

  33. Ashley says:

    I don’t like Beta mail… =(

    Disable it now!

  34. Kassandra says:

    Yasir!  Thanks soooo much, it worked like a charm.  I too couldn’t see the "options" button to click on so when I saw the cut URL option I was thrilled…especially since it WORKED!!! A million times THANK YOU!!!!



  35. Fanny says:

    My problem is that when i sign up to beta, it suddenly disappear, this message appears: error ocurred and  it doesn’t give me the time to go to options and follow the steps you are telling…

    how can i do?

    pls help me !!!

    thank you

  36. traci says:

    Yasir’s suggestion worked.  Finally!

    thank you,


  37. Erikalynne says:

    It actually worked. only took 3 hours searching for answers and leaving numjerous pissed off comments on pages. DO NOT TRY IT, YOU WILL HATE IT.

  38. Susan says:

    Oh my my gosh windows live mail sucks big time!It took me so long but I finally disabled it,thank you yashir,you’re a true life saver!!!Warning to anyone even considering to sign up to beta don’t do it!!!!,trust me you’ll be kicking yourself & others if you do!!!!

  39. shannen says:

    how do i get rid of windows live mail i do not like it it is rubbish

  40. Here are a couple of ‘standard’ MS features I am missing in the LIVE email product.

    1. Moving up and down the mail list works with the roller – BUT – not with the arrow keys.

    I prefer the roller when it is available, many mice are roller free.

    2. When attempting to ‘select’ a portion of an e-mail for printing, the norm now is to click

    and drag down as far as desired; even off the bottom of the window to the end of the text.

      Currently I can only ‘select’ to the bottom of the current window.  The work-around is to

    click at the beginning of the ‘select’ portion and ‘cntl,click’ at the end after rolling

    to the bottom of the selection.

    If I were not spoiled with the great features of IE, I wouldn’t miss it.

    Over-all, I am pleased with the product and the customer awareness of limiting the advertisements.

    Thank you, Arlen Charters, Orlando, Florida.  

  41. Sorry, correcting my last comment:

    ‘cntl,click’ should have been ‘shift,click’

  42. !Jordan! says:

    This new beta mail really sucks! I liked the old hotmail much better. How exactly do i get rid of this crappy beta mail?

  43. RuleZ023 says:

    I haven’t been up to much these days. Today was a loss. Nothing seems important. I’ve just been letting everything happen without me these days.

  44. Olaf says:

    thank you Yasir (may 7) for the tip how to disable beta mail.

    yahoo mail came up with some new crap too but at least they made it easy to return to the former version.

  45. Emily says:

    want to switch back to hotmail

    i do not like the windows live mail beta try again some time

  46. RuleZ023 says:

    Not much on my mind. I don’t care. I’ve just been letting everything happen without me , but shrug. Whatever. I feel like a void.

  47. RuleZ023 says:

    I haven’t been up to much lately. I’ve basically been doing nothing , but it’s not important. I can’t be bothered with anything recently. I’ve just been letting everything happen without me lately.

  48. RuleZ023 says:

    Basically nothing seems worth thinking about. I haven’t been up to much these days. I just don’t have much to say right now. I can’t be bothered with anything , but whatever.

  49. Cindy says:

    I am soooo pissed and frustrated right now because I cannot check my emails. Beta mail  sucks!!!!!

  50. nafis says:

    thnx yasir man..it worked!!!

  51. RuleZ023 says:

    retty much nothing seems worth thinking about. My life’s been completely dull , not that it matters. I’ve just been staying at home waiting for something to happen.

  52. RuleZ023 says:

    I’ve just been staying at home waiting for something to happen. Whatever. Not much on my mind lately. I guess it doesn’t bother me.

  53. Your Sister says:

    Just another crap by Bill & Company… I am migrating to another browser where I can decide what to do, without having to follow MS ideas.

  54. *~emily~* says:

    thnk god i got rid of tht crap! av bn tryin 2 find out how to get rid of it 4 days!!

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