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A quick plug for Mix06  - it's coming up fast (Mar 20-22), so get registered quickly.

In case you missed it, Mix06 is a conference that’s focused on Internet technologies so, not surprisingly, RSS will be there in force, with a bunch of sessions that feature RSS fairly prominently.

We'll have a session on the Windows RSS Platform, and you’ll see aspects of the platform show up in several other sessions and keynotes.

The Channel9 team is doing a series of videocasts on the Mix sessions. Check them out.

Members of the RSS team will be there for the entire time, so if you’re planning on being there and you’d like chat, drop us a line. It’s in Las Vegas, so how can it not be fun?

- Sean

Comments (5)

  1. Lou says:


    I am cross posting a post that I posted at that is a comment about a reply that you made regarding basic HTTP authentication for feeds in IE7.

    You mentioned

    >Unfortunately, the Windows RSS Platform and

    >IE7 will not support authenticated feeds in

    > this release. This has always been the case

    > — we just added the error message in

    > the March 20th update.

    As far as "Basic HTTP Authentication" for feeds, I just tested a basic HTTP authenticated feed, and it worked just fine within the latest beta IE7 (viewing it from the browser). Do you mean that the platform out of the browser will not support this? Or am I seeing something that I should not be seeing?

  2. rss says:

    IE itself supports all kinds of authentication, but these are not supported by the platform. You’ll be able to view a feed, but if you manage to subscribe, the platform won’t have the credentials stored, so it’ll never update.  

    As of the most recent build available on, we should be blocking feeds that require authentication. If you find an authenticated feed that you *can* subscribe to, please point us to it.



  3. Lou says:

    Thanks for your reply. I had not tried to subscribe, only to view it via IE7 (I will try to subsctibe tonight when I have access to IE7). Any ideas on when you might be adding support for authenticated feeds? Will this be in a future IE7 version on XP?

  4. Lou says:

    You were correct, and when I tried subscribing, everything worked untill I tried refreshing and then i got the "Internet Explorer does not support feeds with passwords." message. Anything in the future schedule for support of password protected feeds?

  5. Lou says:

    Any ideas on when you might be adding support for authenticated feeds? Will this be in a future IE7 version on XP?

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