Speaking of icons…

Michael Affronti, program manager for RSS features in Outlook 12 has been blogging recently. He has some icon news also.

I'm equally excited to announce that Outlook 12 will be using the same icon to represent RSS throughout the product.  We are going to be building the new icon into Outlook over the next few weeks, and think it's going to be a great way for users to see the synergy that exists between Outlook 12 and IE 7. 

Read his whole post here. We're excited to see this consistency between various products grow. Keep an eye on his blog for details on the synergy between IE7 and Outlook 12.

- Sean

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  1. PatriotB says:

    Consistency is great. Now, if only you could convince the Office 12 UI team to use *standard Windows title bars* instead of insisting on drawing their own!

  2. FreakyT says:

    Awesome news. And I like the custom UI in Office!


  3. Cody Banks says:

    Hmm… You have carried this icon idea too far… no wonder it took 5+years for you guys to get an update for ur browser. And i think you should copy all the code of firefox too and just put in a Windows Xp theme on it that wud make a better IE7…newways guys at MS your time is up… You guys better come up with something real good or else ur finished…

    Cheers for firefox…


  4. Excellent to see consistency and cooperation. That being said, please never use the word "synergy" again.

  5. Good news!

    Looking forward to Outlook 12.

  6. TheLostSoul says:

    I have a quick suggestion for IE7 to both follow the concepts of the new Office 12 UI and adapt ideas from FireFox: One of the features I enjoy about FF is its ‘live’ search, so to say. Where when you press ctrl-f to search, as you type, it highlights what it finds on the page. This follows the Office 12 UI because of how they worked hard to incorporate a more ‘live’, or real-time effect with previews before commiting changes. This is something I would like to see in IE7 as it is a pretty nifty convenience.

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