MOM 2005 MCF throws an exception when UpdateAlerts() is called

After calling UpdateAlerts() an exception is returned: “Value does not fall within the expected range”. DBGView will show the following output: [4680] [E] 04680.01796, (cdasmomconnectorframework.cpp::2114) Could not decode unknown vartype 36 ! [4680] [E] 04680.01796, (cdasmomconnectorframework.cpp::2045) Could not decode unknown vartype 36 ! [4680] [E] 04680.01796, (cdasmomconnectorframework.cpp::1991) Could not determine ADO type or typeLength for…


SNMPVarBinds and the Alert Description Field in OpsMgr 2007

I recently had the opportunity to learn a lot about SNMPVarBind values and populating those values in the Alert description Field from a monitor and rule. A customer was having difficulty determining the proper syntax to use for this and with the help of some folks in the OpsMgr product group I’ve documented it below:…


New System Center Product Group Blog

The System Center Product Group has started a new blog that will contain some useful high level information about the System Center product line. The first post is by Brad Anderson who is “the man” when it comes to the System Center branded products. I expect to see more posts like this from management within…


Populating an Alert Description with PropertyBag data

If you are running a script via a rule, and that script returns a propertybag, then it is possible you’ll want the data returned to show up in the alert description assuming an alert is generated. The syntax for this in OpsMgr 2007 isn’t that straight forward, but with some assistance we figured it out….


New System Center Certifications

There will be a Live Meeting on October 24th going over the new certifications for SCCM and SCOM. I will be adding these new certs to my list of things to do. See Trika’s blog on the subject and for details on the Live Meeting.


Running All Available Programs on an SMS 2003 Advanced Client

Recently a customer complained that you can’t run more than one advertised program at a time on a client, but they could in SMS 2.0. Here is an example VBScript that runs all available advertised programs on a client. ‘rslaten 10/10/2007 ‘Example of how to run all available programs ‘If you want to select some programs,…


In MOM 2005, TimeOfFirstEvent and TimeOfLastEvent are set to 12/30/1899

I recently had a customer ask me why the TimeOfFirstEvent and TimeOfLastEvent fields in an alert get set to 12/30/1899 when their custom application, which uses the MOM Connector Framework (MCF), uses UpdateAlerts() to set the resolution state of an alert.  I did some research and found that SQL Profiler actually shows this old date…


The SMS MP for SCOM 2007 does not work properly if the SMS server is not installed to C:SMS

The SMS MP Guide actually tells you this:”To specify the location of the SMS installation folder the script uses a system environment variable on the SMS site server. The administrator must create the %SMS_INSTALL_DIR_PATH% environment variable as a system environment variable so that the MOM Agent running under any user context has access to the…


Some Applications Fail to Sequence with Error Code 53256 / Unsupported UTF format

I recently worked on an issue sequencing an application with the Softgrid 4.1 SP1 and 4.2 Sequencer. After selecting a location to download the virtual environment (after the install was completed) an error would appear “SystemGuard download failed (error code 53256)”. The sft-seq-log.txt would show the following:[08/01/2007 16:51:38 VRB VFSX] SxS: Starting SxS public-to-private assembly…


How the SMS 2003 Advanced Client Creates Delta Inventory

I have recently done some research on exactly how inventory is generated, including deltas, and have listed the information below.  This information can be obtained by monitoring the inventory agent logs, verbose WMI logs, and applicable inventory WMI classes: Instruction to run inventory comes from an instance of InventoryAction.  This specifies full, delta, or resync…