Kicking off MS-HUG TechForum

I’m here at the MS-HUG TechForum this week and right now sitting in the Kodiak Room in the Microsoft Conference Center where the TechForum takes place. Steve Aylward, the General Manager for the US Health and Life Sciences group, just gave us an update on the work that Microsoft is doing in supporting Healthcare Providers,…


Windows Vista Healthcare Demo

While sorting some older action item I discovered that the Windows Vista Healthcare Demo that you all have seen featured on this blog has been posted online along with the full source code! You can check it out on the .NET Framework 3.0 Community web site.


Building the Healthcare Avalon (WPF) Demo from Scratch

Rob Relyea has a walktrough of the famous Avalon (now WPF) healthcare demo from the past PDC. If you want to get your hands on it a get a look at the code behind this flashy demo, you can do it here.


More Windows Vista in Healthcare

I was not sure we still had these videos up on the web site. They are a little bit dated, you’ll see many references to WinFS that in the meantime got cut from Windows Vista, but they are still very well worth seeing and will give you a pretty good idea of how advances in…