WSJ Health Blog : How Microsoft Plans to Make Money in Health Care

There is a recent post on the WSJ Health Blog with Steve, my grand-boss (my boss’ boss, can I say that?), as the guest of honor, shedding some light on the overall Microsoft and HSG plans in Healthcare. Have a look at the video or click on the link for the full article:


Allscripts to roll out EHR, PM solutions for affiliated St. Joseph physicians

This is an example of how we’re using Amalga at SJHS to bridge outpatient and inpatient. In this particular case the integration is done via ASTM CCR documents sent by Allscripts to Amalga. SJHS will use the Microsoft Amalga platform to integrate Allscripts solutions with each hospital’s information systems. The implementation will allow affiliated physicians…


Two New Customers Announced for Amalga

Today we are announcing two new great additions to the growing Amalga customer base: University of Washington and Seattle’s Children Hospital! University of Washington will focus on clinical and translational research by basically providing researches with better access to data that was previously scattered across multiple systems and the tools to investigate and Seattle’s Children…


HL7 Schema Generation Tool

While looking at my past posts on the topic, I realized I never gave out the link to the download for the HL7 Schema Generation Tools that I discussed waaaaay back. Hopefully the most entrepreneurial readers will have found it, for the rest of us, here it is with a small description from the download…


El Camino Hospital Announced as a New Amalga Customer

Today we announced a new customer added to the growing list of organization that are adopting Amalga to gather better insight on their care delivery, operations and performance. El Camino Hospital today announced that it has selected Microsoft Amalga, the unified intelligence system, as its data platform to aggregate all of its information, which currently…


New Version of the MSCUI Posted

The team in the UK is doing a great job with the Microsoft Common User Interface (MSCUI). Head over to to check for the new version that was just posted. New in this release: Publication of new and updated Design Guidance: New Micro Patient Banner guidance New Displaying Graphs and Tables guidance Updated Time…


Input for the Connected Health Framework

Yes, I know, it’s been a while since I posted and I know that I have probably lost a lot of readers. Fare enough! I hope to start posting more regularly and bring you more news from the Amalga family of products, the Health Solutions Group and Microsoft in Healthcare in general. In the meantime,…


Microsoft Amalga Family Announced Today

Today we are announcing Microsoft Amalga, the new family of Health Enterprise Systems. You can read the full press release on the web site. The products included in the Amalga family are: Microsoft Amalga. The new version of the product formerly known as Azyxxi, Amalga is part of a new software category called Unified…


Microsoft IHE XDS.b Reference Implementation Passes the Connectathon!

It is official, after a week of testing in Chicago at the IHE Connectathon, the Microsoft IHE XDS.b Reference Implementation has passed and received the GREEN LIGHT from the Connectathon staff: You can expect the final drop of the code to be posted to the Codeplex web site in about a week. Kudos to the…