The Microsoft Connected Health Framework

Let me try and paint a picture, let’s see if this applies to any of you: I have many portals, mostly provided by the line of business application vendors, that do not talk to each other I can look at the information in the portal, but on order to change it I need to go…


EDI Support in BizTalk 2006 R2 (HIPAA and More…)

The BizTalk/EDI team just started blogging about the new features for EDI in BizTalk Server 2006 R2. This includes support for the traditional EDI dialects (EDIFACT and X12) as well as more specific industry support with 16 transactions for HIPAA X12N (12 mandated transactions plus a few accessory ones). Check them out and start asking…


It’s That Time of the Year Again – MS-HUG Call for Proposals

We’re looking for proposals for the upcoming MS-HUG 2007 Spring Tech Forum. The ideal candidate would showcase real use of Microsoft technology in a production setting (or close ;-), highlighting the Customer, the Partner and how innovative use of Microsoft technology helped address the business issue with measurable outcomes. Please, head to the MS-HUG web…


Steve and Simon are Blogging about HL7 and Healthcare IT

I’m happy to see the community grow and Steve Hart and Simon Chester blogging about HL7 Version 3, me and Healthcare IT in general. There is an interesting discussion about the HL7 Object Model and Software Factories that I hope I will be able to contribute to pretty soon. Please, head over to Steve’s and Simon’s blogs…


HL7 Submits Its Standards to ISO

HL7 Has submitted a batch of standards for ISO approval: A set of data standards developed by HL7, a health IT standards accreditation organization in the United States, is being jointly published with an international data standards group. Seven additional standards have also been submitted for consideration. […] In addition, HL7 has submitted seven other…


Must Read for Any BizTalk Developer

Although not healthcare specific, it’s still worth checking out the new BizTalk Server 2006 Developer’s Troubleshooting Guide published on the BizTalk Server Developer Center. Anyone doing any serious BizTalk development with HL7 v2, v3 and other healthcare standards (HIPAA, CDISC, ASTM CCR, HL7 CDA…) will benefit from the paper. Go get it. Now. Seriously.


Update From The HL7 Working Group Meeting

On Monday I had the privilege of representing the Connecting for Health NHIN prototype consortium in a panel discussion moderated by Dr.Loonsk. The panel title was “HL7 and International, National and Regional Interoperability” and was formed by 8 people, each one of us had 9 minutes to spill the beans on the collaboration projects that…


HL7 Working Group Meeting

Next week I will be at the HL7 Plenary and Working Group Meeting in Boca Raton, FL (I don’t think Florence will be a problem, but it will be wet). I’ll be speaking during the plenary session on behalf of the Connecting for Health/CSC NHIN prototype consortium on the lessons learned so far in the…


Blogging MS-HUG TechForum – Day 2

The second and last day of the MS-HUG TechForum is over and everybody has gone home with a load of information, a book, a t-shirt and a bunch of connections. We started with a keynote by Mika Krammer, director for mobile PC product marketing in the Windows division, on the value of Windows Vista in…


Blogging MS-HUG TechForum – Day 1

Yesterday I attended the first day of the MS-HUG TechForum, 13.5 hours of education, connecting with customers and partners and partying. With more than 300 registered, this has been one of the most successful TechForums ever with more than 30 education sessions and the debut of dedicated tracks dedicated to Life Sciences and Health Plans….