Connected Health Framework Webcast – The Day After

Thanks to everyone that attended the session yesterday and to all of those who contributed to a very lively Q&A session.

I posted the slides for the session on, the recording is also available on the Microsoft Events web site.

At the beginning of the session I ran a small survey, but I forgot to share the results with you during the session. Here is what we got:

  • Q: Have you heard about the Connected Health Framework before today (Yes/No)?
    • A: we got an overwhelming majority of people (close to 80%) that had been previously exposed to it, and that's good news.
  • Q: Have you downloaded and read the Connected Health Framework guides from (Yes/No)?
    • A: This is where we need to improve a little bit 🙂 as only a small percentage (<15%) had read the documents. The introduction (Part 1) is a good place to start 😉
  • Q: Are you building SOA solutions for healthcare today (Yes/No/Soon)?
    • A: only a small number of people answered No, the rest was equally split between Yes and Soon. This is comforting and we hope to move more and more people to the Yes soon.

The topic that came up more often during the Q&A (starting about 60 minutes into the Webcast) is REFERENCE IMPLEMENTATIONS.

In the Connected Health Framework today we offer a series of Business Patterns and a Reference Architecture. As I said during the call, we have some ideas about reference implementations and you will soon know more about them, but we also want to hear from you, so please head to the healthcare forums and start circulating some ideas.

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