HL7 Submits Its Standards to ISO

HL7 Has submitted a batch of standards for ISO approval:

A set of data standards developed by HL7, a health IT standards accreditation organization in the United States, is being jointly published with an international data standards group.

Seven additional standards have also been submitted for consideration.


In addition, HL7 has submitted seven other standards to the ISO for review. They include the following:

  • HL7 V2.5 Messaging Standard
  • Clinical Data Architecture—Release 2
  • Common Terminology Server—Release 1
  • Structured Product Labeling—Release 2
  • Annotated Electrocardiogram—Release 1
  • Individual Case Safety Report—Release 1
  • Stability Study—Release 1
  • Read the full article on eWeek: US Health IT Standards Go Global

    IMO, this will once again re-affirm HL7's role as one of the key infrastructure standards for the health and life sciences industries.

    With the submission to ISO, in particular of CDA, HL7 is on track to becoming the basis for many European and international healthcare standards.

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