HL7 Working Group Meeting

Next week I will be at the HL7 Plenary and Working Group Meeting in Boca Raton, FL (I don't think Florence will be a problem, but it will be wet). I'll be speaking during the plenary session on behalf of the Connecting for Health/CSC NHIN prototype consortium on the lessons learned so far in the development of an NHIN prototype.

I will also be teaching a tutorial on HL7 Version 3 implementation on Thursday morning. This will probably be your second to last chance to get my version of the tutorial as I will be passing the baton after having delivered the tutorial for more than a year.

Last chance will be at the HL7 Educational Summit in Lynwood, WA, November 7-9 2006.

I will use this week to reconnect with friends from the HL7 family (yes, we take our job sometimes too seriously), check on the progress of the HL7SOA group and spend some time with the I&M TC.

By January 2007 we should be able to publish a new version of the HL7 Web Services Profile that includes the changes made during the ballot reconciliation process.

Microsoft is also sponsoring the reception on Wednesday, so drinks and food are on us! I hope to see you there!

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