Microsoft’s Role in the NHIN

The RHIO sponsored by MA-SHARE in Massachusetts, part of the Connecting for Health NHIN prototype, is built on the Microsoft platform. Check out the press release.


More on HL7 Software Factories

This is taken from the GotDotNet Workspace and provides more insight on what is included in the project:   Over the last few years, as an active member of Health Level Seven (HL7) standardization organization, Microsoft significantly contributed to specifying how Web Services may be used as an open, secure and efficient communication infrastructure for…


NHIN/RHIO, a step closer…

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has just announced the 4 winners of the RFP for the NHIN/RHIO prototype. Microsoft is actively engaged in the one led by CSC and I am personally working on their implementation of the Massachusetts RHIO on our platform. From the press release: CSC, working with Browsersoft, Business…


HL7 Software Factories

Everybody trying to implement a solution that uses HL7 Version 3 standards faces a pretty steep learning curve. This is not specific to HL7, but to any industry standard and can be extended to include company guidelines for software development as well. In a world where solutions are required yesterday (at best), this is unsustainable….