Windows Vista in Healthcare…

Check out this example on Channel 9 of how technologies first developed for Windows Vista (a.k.a. Longhorn) such as Avalon, can be applied to design more user friendly healthcare applications.

The demo was first shown at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in July, before the official name for Windows Vista was announced.

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  1. Rob Relyea has a walktrough of the famous Avalon (now WPF) healthcare demo from the past PDC.

    If you…

  2. kevlay says:

    but the code that he posted isn’t working. maybe it isn’t for vista rc1. is there anyway i can get and install september 05 CTP version of WinFX on vista for me to run this app?

  3. We’re working to get an updated version of the demo posted online. Keep reading the blog and I’ll post the news here.

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