PDC 2005

This is going to be an awesome event for everyone attending. Unfortunately I will not be there because of the HL7 Plenary Working Group Meeting that happens in San Diego, CA at the same time.
For those of you lucky enough, don't miss session COM423: Windows Communications Foundation ("Indigo"): Web Services Interoperability with Java/J2EE.
The session is co-presented by Kirill Gavrylyuk and Simon Guest and will showcase some interesting interoperability using Web Services. The session demos' will use a Healthcare setting and HL7 Version 3 as the payload for the Web Services messages. Check out the use of MTOM to efficiently transmit large binary files such as images.
There will also be an interesting funny aspect to the presentation, but I can't spoil the surprise 😉
Let me know how the session goes and if you have any feedback.

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