Busy week for Windows Live!

Wow, lots of Windows Live related news this week:

1) The live.com team released an update just a few hours ago. Great to see they have addressed some of the top complaints/feature requests! My own favorites are (1) when you issue a search from the toolbar or browser search box, you no longer have to wait for the live.com home page to load (that was annoying!), (2) individual gadgets can now be refreshed and (3) the weather gadget is now a much more reasonable size 🙂

2) Microsoft adCenter was officially launched in the US.

3) Windows Live Shopping Beta was launched earlier in the week. You can also search for products through the 'Products' tab in Windows Live Search.

4) Amazon's a9 and Alexa switched to using Windows Live Search as the search provider!

Well, this is the just the beginning of what promises to be an interesting summer for Windows Live!

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