Mike Harsh talks about WPF/E on Channel 9

If you were at MIX’06 or the last PDC, you have probably heard of WPF/E (or WPF/Everywhere), which is a technology to support rendering a subset of XAML cross-platform and cross-browser. Well, here’s your chance to find out more about it – Mike Harsh gives a great overview and then walks through some sample code in…


MIX06 sessions available online

In case you missed this announcement – videos of all the MIX06 sessions, including Bill Gates’ keynote, have been made available online. If you missed the conference, you may find it interesting to view a few of the sessions. Specifically, here is a link to Mez’s breakout session on one of my favorite Windows Live Search features, Search Macros.


Busy week for Windows Live!

Wow, lots of Windows Live related news this week: 1) The live.com team released an update just a few hours ago. Great to see they have addressed some of the top complaints/feature requests! My own favorites are (1) when you issue a search from the toolbar or browser search box, you no longer have to wait for…