LinkFromDomain and tips for authoring Macros

Andy Edmonds has an excellent post up on the Live Search blog about the new LinkFromDomain operator offered by Live Search, and how you can use it and other search operators to craft interesting and useful Search Macros. As Andy explains, the LinkFromDomain operator lets you find all the sites that a particular site links to…


Search Macros V2 is Live!

As some of you must have noticed, the new Live Search shipped a couple of weeks back, and last week, became the service that replaces what used to be MSN Search as well. The new service offers a bunch of improvements and new features over both MSN Search and the earlier beta search experience on Read this post…


Mike Harsh talks about WPF/E on Channel 9

If you were at MIX’06 or the last PDC, you have probably heard of WPF/E (or WPF/Everywhere), which is a technology to support rendering a subset of XAML cross-platform and cross-browser. Well, here’s your chance to find out more about it – Mike Harsh gives a great overview and then walks through some sample code in…


MIX06 sessions available online

In case you missed this announcement – videos of all the MIX06 sessions, including Bill Gates’ keynote, have been made available online. If you missed the conference, you may find it interesting to view a few of the sessions. Specifically, here is a link to Mez’s breakout session on one of my favorite Windows Live Search features, Search Macros.


Busy week for Windows Live!

Wow, lots of Windows Live related news this week: 1) The team released an update just a few hours ago. Great to see they have addressed some of the top complaints/feature requests! My own favorites are (1) when you issue a search from the toolbar or browser search box, you no longer have to wait for…


Visual Studio Express will be free permanently!

Great news – it was annouced a couple of days back that Visual Studio Express, originally offered free for one year, will now be free permanently! Haven’t heard of Express products before? Read this FAQ. Not only are the Express products free, they are pretty lightweight and quick to install as well. They are awesome especially for hobbyist and…


Using as a Search Page

I have always felt there is a fundamental distinction between a ‘search page’ and a ‘home page’. A search page should be very fast, have a prominent search box and no other content to distract me from doing my search. A home page, on the other hand, should have all the various pieces of content…


Got any cool Search Macro ideas?

In last Friday’s update to Windows Live Search, we released the ability to create and manage your own search macros. Now is your chance to create and show off your own personal search engine! It is very simple to create a macro (you don’t need to be a developer or even a computer geek!). When you do…


MIX ’06 Day 1

Bill Gates kicked off the MIX 06 conference today in Las Vegas with his keynote. Some of the goodies announced today were a new build of IE7, the release of Atlas and a new Windows Live developer center. Well, the conference has just started – look for more announcements and goodies later this week! There…


Who is linking to my website?

It turns out very few people are aware of advanced search operators provided by all the major search engines. Fewer still actually bother to use them. However, in certain situations, they tend to be very handy. If I want to find out who is linking to my blog, for example, I just have to use the…