Worldwide response to Tsunami

The Tsunami disaster in Asia has been a sad and tragic event, but I think one bright spot amidst it all has been the amazing worldwide response to it. I don't recall the peoples of the world coming together this way ever before. Maybe the Internet has helped by spreading the message fast. You will find a mention of the Tsunami and links to help support the relief measures on the home pages of nearly every major tech company - Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Sun, Ebay and Yahoo to mention a few and also other highly visited websites like MSN. I love how Amazon is using its payment processing system to make it easy to donate.

The blogosphere too seems to be playing its part in the relief effort. Here is one good post with tons of useful information and links. It also mentions the leading aid agencies that are involved in the relief operation and how you can contribute to them.

I hope the new year 2005 will bring back normalcy and stability to the lives of the people affected by the Tsunami.

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