Over 600 bloggers on blogs.msdn.com!

Wow - I just noticed the count of Microsoft bloggers on blogs.msdn.com alone has surpassed 600! And of the 7 bloggers I know of in my immediate team, 4 have their blogs on a server other than blogs.msdn.com. If you scale that up, the total number of Microsoft bloggers would be over 1400!

With Somasegar joining the blogging club (via the Scobleizer) and Eric Rudder already part of it, there can only be more encouragement for blogging! Looks like Robert Scoble has had a great influence on the blogging culture at Microsoft 🙂

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  1. Thanks! It’ll be interesting to see if Microsoft’s employee blogs improve in both quality and quantity over time. But over the past year we’ve had a 6x growth rate in numbers of employees blogging.

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