Worldwide response to Tsunami

The Tsunami disaster in Asia has been a sad and tragic event, but I think one bright spot amidst it all has been the amazing worldwide response to it. I don’t recall the peoples of the world coming together this way ever before. Maybe the Internet has helped by spreading the message fast. You will find a…


How does the Windows Forms designer in Visual Studio load a Form?

Here are a couple of questions we often get from developers who are new to Windows Forms: 1) The designer allows me to open an abstract Form, but not a Form that inherits from an abstract Form. Why is that? 2) I got a load error when I tried to open my Form in the VS designer….


Windows Forms and Avalon roadmap

If I am planning to write a Windows client application in the coming months, what technology should I target – Windows Forms or Avalon? This is a question that comes up every so often and results in a lengthy debate, but no clear conclusion. In an attempt to clarify, John Montgomery has posted a set of…


Smart Client Developer Center reloaded

Check out the new and improved MSDN Smart Client Developer Center page – it is a great place to start if you are looking for information about client application development. Jonathan, who is co-editor for the site with Chris Sells, has more information about it in his blog post.


Windows Forms Bug Reporting Challenge

Feels good to return to blogging after a long break! We in the developer division have been pretty busy last few weeks working towards a stable Whidbey Beta 2. ScottGu’s blog post has a good description of where we are in the Whidbey product cycle. If you are beta testing Windows Forms 2.0 or Clickonce,…


Impact of the MSDN Product Feedback Center

Its been quite a long time since my last blog post. We have been pretty busy over the last couple of months (and will be for a few more weeks) driving towards a high quality Beta 2 of Visual Studio 2005 (Whidbey). This next release should be far more stable, secure and complete than Beta 1….


Localization in Whidbey

Before I describe how Windows Forms localization works in Whidbey, let us first take a look at how it works in VS 2002/2003. Consider a Form with a Button control on it. When you mark it Localizable = True in the property grid, the designer generates code for the Button that looks like this: this.button1.AccessibleDescription = resources.GetString(“button1.AccessibleDescription”);this.button1.AccessibleName =…


.NET Framework SPs – Tech Preview announced

Technical previews of .NET Framework 1.1 SP1 and 1.0 SP3 are out. You can find links to download, newsgroups and information about what’s in the service packs here.


Visual Studio 2005 Beta!

It’s finally out – Visual Studio 2005 and .NET Framework 2.0 Beta 1! Here are the relevant links: VS 2005 Beta Developer Center – portal for all VS 2005 Beta related information, including links to download. VS 2005 Express Products – described as “lightweight, easy to use, easy to learn tools for hobbyists, enthusiasts, and students to…