While installing the final release build of the new Office
a couple of weeks back, I also installed this thing called OneNote that
was optionally offered. I didn't pay much attention to it at first, but last weekend
I thought I'd check it out and played with it a bit. Turns out it is pretty cool -
it allows you to jot down those little random notes that you would typically use post-it
notes or notepad for. You can then organize these notes and search through them later
etc. It also allows you to record audio and insert links to it next to your notes.
That sounds like fun - I should try it at my next meeting :-) OneNote is beginning
to look like one of those things that seem like fun at first and before you know,
you are dependent on it! All you Tablet PC users out there may find it especially

By the way, speaking of Office 2003, the new Outlook is pretty impressive too - it
has some nice tweaks like search folders, smart tags, quick flags, reading pane to
the right etc. I haven't yet used the new Word and Powerpoint, but then I don't really
use those much anyway.

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