Feedback on EnableVisualStyles

A Google search for EnableVisualStyles points out two things:

  • Good news: A lot of people found the existence of this method useful.
  • Bad news: A lot of people have had problems using it!

Hope my previous post here on this topic will help clarify a few things.
BTW, the Whidbey release of the Framework will have several improvements in the support
for Visual Styles in Windows Forms, including fixes for the EnableVisualStyles problems.
I would love to talk more about it, but it is too early to do so - hopefully I can
after the PDC release!  

Comments (1)

  1. milbertus says:

    On the surface, it seems like a very innocent method. It doesn’t take any parameters, and you can’t really affect what it does (if you even know what it does, which I didn’t until I read your previous entry). I’m just glad that when I first started using it, I found the newsgroup article which basically said, "call Application.DoEvents() after Application.EnableVisualStyles() so that things will work." It never hurts to have another reference lying around which says the same thing, upping the chances that a Google search will find that solution.

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