Windows Forms and Longhorn

It appears many PDC attendees seem to have questions like: WinFX is wonderful and all that, but do you guys have anything I can use before the Longhorn timeframe? Hey, I just moved to .NET and started writing Windows Forms apps. Are you telling me this stuff is going to be obsolete? BradA has addressed these questions…


Whidbey Roadmap

BenjaminM has posted a nice summary of BradA’s Whidbey Roadmap presentation. I love these roadmap talks – they help you get the big picture right. The slides for PDC sessions should be available online soon.



With the first day of the PDC drawing to a close, there is a bunch of information being made available publicly about Windows Longhorn and Visual Studio/.Net Framework Whidbey. Hopefully, everybody can now see why people at Microsoft seem to be so excited about these products 🙂 I can’t wait to start blogging about all the cool new features we…


Control and UserControl

If I want to write a custom control, what’s the difference between inheriting from Control and UserControl? How do I decide which of the two I should derive from? Brian Pepin replies: Main difference is not the “UserControl” part of the class, but the fact that UserControl derives from ContainerControl. ContainerControl has the additional logic to…


Forms and Dispose

As I have mentioned before, there is a wealth of knowledge to be gained from reading internal Microsoft mailing lists. I plan to share some of that when I get a chance – under the category .NET – Random Tips. Here is one such. If you have code like this: private void Foo() {     …


On Blogging

I just read an interesting piece on Internet News about blogging, in the context of Microsoft, Longhorn and the PDC. I definitely think blogs have had a pretty substantial impact on the flow of information about new and existing Microsoft products. Within Microsoft, a great source of technical information is the archives of various internal mailing lists. Increasingly, I notice that a…



While installing the final release build of the new Office 2003 a couple of weeks back, I also installed this thing called OneNote that was optionally offered. I didn’t pay much attention to it at first, but last weekend I thought I’d check it out and played with it a bit. Turns out it is…


Feedback on EnableVisualStyles

A Google search for EnableVisualStyles points out two things: Good news: A lot of people found the existence of this method useful. Bad news: A lot of people have had problems using it! Hope my previous post here on this topic will help clarify a few things. BTW, the Whidbey release of the Framework will have several improvements…