RIA Services + Routing

Yavor Georgiev does an amazing witeup of how to get the Routing Services working for RIA services.  This took some consultation, but I’m glad to report we have things working 🙂  You can find his blog post and the sample project over here.


ServiceModel XPath Functions

One of the most versatile types of filters that the Routing Service offers is the XPathMessageFilter.  Xpath is great because it gives you a full set of navigation and comparison tools, right in one filter.  But let’s be honest, writing XPath by hand kinda stinks.  Fortunately, XPath has the notion of functions (or shortcuts) which…


Load Balancing at the Routing Service

This post subtitled “I hate to tell you this but….” “Can the Routing Service do load balancing?” is one of the most common questions I’m asked.  The immediate answer I give is almost universally disappointing: No.  It’s actually hard to say that Load Balancing (as most people mean it) should be done at the Routing…


Another Router Sample!

With the release of the .NET RC, the number of independent folks playing with the bits and putting together projects has grown tremendously.  This is fantastic to see, because the more eyes we get on the product and the more demo code written the better the feedback.  I love customer feedback 🙂  Here’s another Routing…


Multicast Router Example

Over the last few weeks I watched (and occasionally chimed in) while a coworker of mine (Danny Cohen) built a pretty comprehensive example of multicasting at the Routing Service over at his blog.  I would consider this a good reference for anyone looking to do something similar with the Routing Service.  Here’s what he built:…


Routing in WAS

For those of you who have your services hosted in WAS/IIS, the trickiest part of getting the Routing Service working is remembering that you need to reference the fully qualified assembly name (since System.ServiceModel.Routing.dll is in the GAC instead of in your service directory).  A good writeup on solving a common routing scenario with WAS…