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Well hello!

This is the first post of the Routing Rules! blog, brought to you by myself, Matt Snider.  As a quick introduction, I'm a PM who'se been working on the .NET 4 Routing Service (System.ServiceModel.Routing) that will be delivered as a part of the WCF framework in our next release.  I work on Dublin as a part of the Hosting team, but my world has been primarially in WCF/.NET for the last year or so.

This blog will be an attempt to do several things:

  1. Provide an opportunity for me to publish tips/tricks/howtos/information about WCF and the Routing Service in particular

  2. Give you fine folks a channel to ask questions, give me your feedback, and generally voice your opinions on the Routing Service.

  3. Serve as my occasional soapbox for things potentially not related to any of the above 🙂

Maybe we'll be able to get some guest posts from some of the others who have worked on the Routing Service, and hopefully we'll all be able to create a good forum/community here.  Please keep the cursing to a minimum 🙂 Now with all that said, we're off!  Thanks for reading, this should be fun.



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