Workaround for Reducing Size of Azure Data Disks (Windows)

Azure supports only disk incremental resizing. The aim of this article is to describe a workaround that will achive this goal. For Standard Unmanaged Storage, reducing the size of a disk is pointless, since only the actual data stored on disks will be charged, regardless of the disk capacity. For this reason it is always a good practice… Read more

Migrating Azure IaaS SQL Server AlwaysOn Cluster to Premium Storage (Classic)

Microsoft recommends the use of Premium Storage for optimal performance of SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines. If you are running a SQL Server AlwaysOn environment on Standard storage, you might plan to migrate your environment to Premium Storage. This Step-by-Step guide will describe how to migrate to Premium Storage an existing SQL Server AlwaysOn Cluster… Read more

Remote Desktop Session Host on Azure VM – Workaround for Resizing User Profile Disks

User profile disks allow users to save personal settings and files when they are signed in to a session on an RD Session Host server in a collection, and then have access to the same settings and files when signing in to a different RD Session Host server in the collection. You might face situations… Read more

Automated Export Workaround

It may happen that the Automated Export feature is improperly working or not working at all.The procedure described in this article can be used as a temporary workaround to schedule and run export of a specific database. DISCLAIMER This is a sample workaround and not the solution for the issue, since it just simulates what… Read more

Point-In-Time-Restore with SQL Server Managed Backup to Windows Azure

As well explained in the article SQL Server Managed Backup to Windows Azure manages and automates SQL Server backups to the Windows Azure Blob storage service. The backup strategy used by SQL Server Managed Backup to Windows Azure is based on the retention period and the transaction workload on the database. SQL Server Managed… Read more