Dorset House Books on Kindle?

A few years ago and the CAST conference, I talked to one of the owners of Dorset House publishing and they told me that they wouldn’t be offering their books in Kindle editions.  Today, I just noticed that at least some Dorset House books are available on Kindle.  Peopleware was the one that caught my…

I am now a published Author

Looks like our book has moved from “preorder” status to being available.  Kindle version is here. I really want to give credit to my coauthors, Denny Lee and Siva Harinath.  They’ve both been through this before and really helped this first-time author despite the amazing amount of busy-ness in all our lives right now.  Thanks…


Buying Books

I like buying books from Amazon.  They have really done a great job of making book buying friction-free.  But I love buying book from the Pragmatic Programmers even more.  Why? All their books are available in both paper and ebook formats.  Recently I’ve been trying to cut down on actual physical books and have taken…

Free Copy of Ignore Everybody

I just received confirmation that I will be receiving a free autographed copy of Hugh MacLeod’s upcoming book, Ignore Everybody.  (details on the offer here)  Interestingly, the book’s release date is June 11th which just happens to be my birthday…


Microsoft Press Blog

For all the “book heads” out there, Microsoft Press has a blog (I just found out about this).


I know it’s old already but I just read Jeff Atwoods post on programming books.  I love reading programming (and testing…  and management…  and other…) books myself a lot.  At least a lot compared to what Jeff says the average programmer reads.  I especially like that he included a photo of his programming bookshelf.  Whenever…


James Bach’s Book

Last year at CAST, I spent time in James Bach’s class, Self Education for Testers.  That class really opened up my mind to possibilities I hadn’t considered. Now I see that he’s writing a book about things he mentioned in that class.  I can’t wait for the book to be available.  This will go on…

Software Testing Books at Tester Center

I’m involved in MSDN’s Tester Center in the area of software testing book reviews.  The current “Note from the Editor” at TesterCenter talks a bit about why testers should read books about their profession.  What’s your favorite software testing book?