A New BI Blog

Cristian Petculescu, principal architect on the Analysis Services team, has started blogging.  Cristian’s most recent work was shown in the recent TechEd and BI Conference keynotes – the PivotViewer extension for Reporting Services.  He talks a bit about it in his latest post.

I am now a published Author

Looks like our book has moved from “preorder” status to being available.  Kindle version is here. I really want to give credit to my coauthors, Denny Lee and Siva Harinath.  They’ve both been through this before and really helped this first-time author despite the amazing amount of busy-ness in all our lives right now.  Thanks…


Zero to 60 in 2.8…

Wow, Rob is really on fire as a blogger.  I’d say if you want to stay abreast of the PowerPivot world, his blog is a must.

Rob Collie Blogging

(via Donald Farmer on Twitter) Rob is a program manager (I think) on our team and has just started a blog.  His second post talks about a project he will develop on his blog that looks really interesting.

Gemini Blog Posts

Our PMs are starting to author Gemini blog posts that describe various aspects of Gemini.  There are two new ones: Importing Data Using Data Feeds